Chamber Ensembles: Celebration and Reflection for brass quintet (1987) [7:25]

First performance: Fourth Annual Festival of Contemporary Music, Kent State University.

Published by Manduca Music.
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Charleston Symphony Brass Quintet, Wisconsin Brass Quintet, Northern Brass Quintet (IA), Paragon Brass Quintet (Akron), Portland Brass (ME), Sam Houston State University Faculty Brass Quintet, Norumbega Brass Quintet (ME), Michiana Brass Ensemble (at 1995 Society of Composers Region V Conference, Ohio University), others.

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"An outstanding addition to brass quintet literature. . . . exciting. . . . quite beautiful. . . . Quintets will come back to it repeatedly for the technical challenges, the imaginative style, and the enthusiastic audience response it is sure to achieve. High-quality music (that) is difficult, yet eminently satisfying."
—David Johansen, International Trumpet Guild Journal