Chamber Ensembles: Heritage Music for violin, cello, piano and horn (1988) [25:00]

Commissioned by the Heritage Chamber Players, Greenville, SC, with support from the South Carolina Arts Commission.

First performance: Heritage Chamber Players, Greenville County Museum of Art, 18 May 1989.

Amy Glick, violinist, Heidi Albert, cellist, William Hoyt, hornist, and Pamela Yarnell, pianist, The College of Wooster, 28 April 2000; Cleveland Composers Guild Concert, 11 October 1998; 21 May 1991, Peace Center for the Performing Arts, Greenville, SC; 19 June 1991, Furman University; Cleveland Composers Guild, 11 October 1998; 15 and 17 April 2005 by Virginia Reinecke, piano, Tao Chang Yu, violin Anthony Cecere, French horn, and Lucasz Szyrner, cello, "Music in the Great Hall," Towson, MD. 

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"Exceptionally original and powerful. . . . The score is enlivened constantly by the complexity and surprise of the writing."
—Blake A. Samson, Greenville (SC) Times

"An exciting experience. . . . Obvious command both of motivic and developmental techniques."
—Steven C. White, Greenville (SC) News

"(The) colorful 1988 work . . . was given a strong vote of confidence by a sturdy group of regional players: Anthony Cecere (horn), Tao Chang Yu (violin), Lukasz Zyrner (cello), and Virginia Reinecke (piano)."
—Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun