Vocal/Choral: Three Songs of Love, Joy and the Beauty of Night for voice and piano (1975) [8:15]

1. Echoes (Thomas Moore)
2. The Joys of Living (Robert Browning)
3. How Beautiful is Night! (Robert Southey)

High or low voice and piano.

First complete performance: 13 May 1975, Madelyn Levy (Renée), soprano, Martin Goldray, pianist, Cornell University.

Fellowship winner, 1984 Petit Jean International Art Song Festival, Petit Jean Mountain, AR.

1993 Midwest Regional Conference of the Society of Composers, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Petit Jean International Art Song Festival; University of Texas, including singers Elizabeth Nevola, Rebecca Spurlock, Theodor Duda, Robin Ray, Nancy Mathis, Sherrie Carmen, Mary Bucher, Cathryn Frazier, Kathryn Henderson (I, III), Daphne Schneider. (III)

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