Solo Works: Sonata for Piano (1973/2005) [17:15]

1. Allegro vivo
2. Andante
3. Allegro energico

First complete performance: Lawrence Schubert, Barnes Hall, Cornell University, 20 April 1973.

Carnegie Recital Hall, Lincoln Center Library and Museum of the Performing Arts, The College of Wooster, WQXR-FM's "The Listening Room" (I), WOSU-FM. Additional performances include Brian Israel at Cornell University; Douglas Houston at The College of Wooster.

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"An exuberant, tuneful and virtuosic three-movement sonata. Demonstrates throughout a continual flow of melody . . . (and) rich sonorities . . . . Particularly notable is the excitement generated in the finale through alternating octaves and changing meters."
—Bradford Gowen, The Piano Quarterly